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About the vanVeggies.


vanVeg is a new venture made up of a small group of highly experienced catering industry figures who collectively have been involved in the industry for well over 30 years. Sascha Cook has been co-owner of a popular high-end Amsterdam restaurant for the past 12 years and is joined by her husband, Darrell, who specialises in logistics. Meanwhile, Austrian chef Matthias E. Kail has been delighting diners with his classy, creative dishes for the past 7 years. Seeing an opportunity to take fine dining into a new arena, the team have devised the concept of vanVeg to bring the benefits of healthy innovative vegetarian food to a wider audience.

Product Responsibility

According to a 2012 study by the UNFAO (United Nations Food & Agriculture Organisation), by 2050 twice as much meat will need to be produced to keep up with projected global demand. This is clearly unsustainable. vanVeg aims to produce high quality vegetarian food in a responsible, environmentally friendly fashion by using a two-fold approach to their products.

Firstly, far too much perfectly good food is currently wasted because supermarkets will not accept vegetables and fruits which are misshapen, malformed or have blemishes. vanVeg intends to help reduce this figure by sourcing and using fresh fruit and vegetables from markets and the farm gate as well as other direct suppliers.

In addition, vanVeg will be providing a ‘return-deposit’ system of packaging for our delicious take away salads, using sealed jars. The customer will pay a small deposit on the jars, which will be refunded upon return or can be used for the customer’s next order. Similarly, we will be offering a range of cordial drinks that will carry a discount for those who bring their own containers.

Finally, our stylish branded packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and is fully biodegradable.

Social Engagement

vanVeg aims to present various opportunities to individuals with reduced employment prospects.

Not only will this provide us with much needed assistance in the day-to-day running of our business, but it will also provide those individuals with a fresh new outlook on life and the prospect of future possibilities in the employment market. We feel that this will offer a positive chance for people to gain work experience and become re-integrated into the workforce, as well as giving them an opportunity to gain regular employment under contract as a member of the vanVeg team.

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